1. You’re a Dallas cultural pioneer and your living space should reflect that.
    The modernist architecture of our homes, with clean lines, airy spaces, and straight-forward design, combine the work of Dallas architects with a unique approach to style.

  2. You want to live in a vibrant, revitalized urban area.
    We create affordable, modern single and multi-family homes in Dallas EastEnd and other growing, culturally rich neighborhoods near city centers.

  3. You want to create your own home, on your own terms.
    We also build custom homes all around the DFW metroplex for people who admire modern design and the freedom of open floor plans.

  4. You put value in space and flow.
    Whether built in an urban or suburban neighborhood, our homes offer breathing room and a sense of comfort, with spacious living areas, large entryways, and wide hallways.

  5. You believe sunlight is part of an organic living space.
    We utilize an open, natural light style that defies the traditional enclosed structure of a house.

  6. You don’t think walls have to be boundaries.
    Our minimalist designs eliminate unnecessary walls and doors and make the distinction between interior and exterior less concrete.

  7. You care about the environment and sustainable design structures.
    In addition to fulfilling the Green building applications required by the City of Dallas, our home designs also address such issues as solar orientation, omitting heat-storing spaces, and reducing damaging storm run-off.

  8. You want a home that is admired by the Dallas architectural community.
    We have received recognition by the AIA Tour of Homes in both 2010 and 2012.
    – Our 2012 Entry Located on Prospect
    – Our 2010 Entry Located on Rusk

  9. You want plenty of options.
    We offer amenities such as hardwood flooring, granite and marble finishes, stainless steel appliances, and custom cabinetry.

  10. You want a home built by someone who is committed to the quality of his work.
    I create each of my residences as a unique space that I would want to live in myself.